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Fake Sqwishland?

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I recently became aware of Sqwishland when someone gave me a free bag of 1" that they had lying around.  They quickly sold out and I began looking for more.  Brand vending seems to be sold out most of the time and I ended up ordering some 2" desert from CandyMachines.com.  When i got them they were in 2" acorn capsules with no game codes and nothing identifying them as Sqwishland other then the display cards which were for the 1" size.   I'm not real familiar with the product but everything I see shows them coming in round capsules with game codes.  In addition the product quality didnt seem to be very high but again I'm not that familiar with the product.

Reaching out to CandyMachines.com, I was offered a return or a discount.  I suggested an exchange for a different variety if they have game codes but was told there were no other 2" available even though it is available on their website.  

I am returning for a refund but can't help feeling that these are fakes being sold as the real thing.  Anyone else get Sqwishland from this company?  If you use sqwishland where do you get yours from?

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Just an update for anyone interested.   I reached out to Brand Vending and apparently they package the figures in various ways and what i received are considered "value capsules" and do not come with game codes even though they are sold as the premium ones by CandyMachines.com.  and I can't find any mention of "value" capsules on the Brand website.   To me, sounds like they are dumping the factory rejects on the market and most people don't bother to complain.  Guess I will stay away from both companies in the future.  Vending a product where the display cards advertise game codes and there aren't any sounds like a good way to lose locations.  Oh well, hopefully they will follow through on the refund and i wont have to deal with a credit card dispute.

As far as i can tell, the 1" figures are legitimate.


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On 4/11/2021 at 5:40 AM, SSVEND said:

18 years doing this and I have NEVER once bought from Brand.

Damn!  Really?!   You’re missing out!   22+ years for me and it is definitely a top 5 1” seller!

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