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Just picked up a Vendo V540

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I just picked up a Vendo V540 for 500$ today. I've got a few questions on it.

  • I'm slightly confused by the model number, is this a "Vendo Vmax V540 live display"
  • Are there any manuals available for these? I'd like to figure out how to set it up and program it.
  • It seems like it's outdoor rated, I read in a topic that they make heater kits for them, where can I get one?
  • How easy is it to add a credit card reader to it, what does that all entail?


Thanks in advance!



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I don't know what the difference is between the 540, 576, and others, but check for a vmax manual

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I would call Vendo with the serial and full model number and ask. Most basic unit 540s were 720 VMAX machines, but for those the full model will begin with 720.

Or, let me see if our resident Vendo tech is still around.

@Vendo Mike

Also, looks like there was a card reader on this machine before, the holes are already drilled into the door.

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Just download the VMax manual for it. You have the live display version which is only a difference in parts.  It's too bad that some moron drilled a hole above the top opening because Vendo has a card reader bracket that fits that hole.  You will have to call Vendo to see if they still have product heaters for it.  I assume you will operate this outdoors in freezing temps.  Kind of dumb but go ahead.  Don't plan on a card reader surviving temps like that.

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540/720/840 are the base cabinet models of the VMax series.  You simply have a Live Display door. 

Manual is on our website ( https://515f3e44-bcef-4b52-99d8-6b4bd7c3b77d.filesusr.com/ugd/e49953_ab86859e747f4572aea051da29946f25.pdf )

Heaters kits are available PN 1126289 ( I would double check this number with George at our tech svc desk (800) 344-7216 but this heater kit should fit Vmax and V21 )

Before someone punched an extra hole in the door, the units were UL approved for outdoors.  I would avoid having them face the sun all day or your products and lexan will take a beating and present terribly after a short time.   

Vmax (9.1 boards) will work with most major brand reader/telemeter systems but depending on age will likely need a firmware update.  Latest Rev was 2.050  PN 112535

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