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Vending Machine, Power BI and AI ( Artificial Intelligence )

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What is me necessary inventory to a month ( or 15 days)???

What is my daily, weekly or monthly sale hate?

And more and more questions.  

Last week I spent about 2 hours to create a report to figure out how much coke ( or Pepsi) I have to buy for a month. Or how long a 40 count box of Lays Classics will last. 


Then i talked with a cousin which is working with power BI and he said: Power BI is your answer. 

I sent a message to Vendsoft, they use Google Data Studio, but with only a few reports, not all the data you have in the database.

Does anyone here tried something like this before? 

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Posted (edited)

If you want to run vending machines, go with a premade vending management software like parlevel. Has lots of vending specific features and is ready to go.

If you are an experienced hobbyist or professional with software and data, and you know that this is not going to the easiest and cheapest solution, or you are planning to sell copies in the future, then by all means go for it. But you will probably not find much help here, as we are all operators here, not programmers. And, it’s a lot cheaper and easier to just buy existing software.

Honestly, if you want to go for this go look for tutorials about whatever it is you are trying to use or talk to your cousin and go from there.

Good luck!

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I'm a System Analyst who join in this vending world ( and I'm loving it ), I need help to find what the operator want and need. 

Is there anybody here who use it, Power BI or something like that?


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