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CC reader rebootin

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I'm having an issue with a Royal G3 with a blue button KO board version 67325-2. The nayax reader stays on for a couple minutes then reboots. It's on a cycle and does this every 10-15 minutes, on some days it can stay on for a couple hours before going back to the same thing. I got a warranty replacement and it's doing the same thing. It's puzzling because everything else stays on ( bill and coin acceptors, display, cooling deck, etc). I have another G3 same control board version and I have no reader issues with that one. It is just the reader that is rebooting. Any help is appreciated.

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 Beyond the same board and eeprom are the validator and mech also the same? In both situations are you going board, card reader, validator, mech? Also is the cc reader same make and model? 

As far as antenna location well best spot on every machine is center on top.. however if you know which direction the closest tower is you may get better performance from one of the corners.. just like the old cars with steel antennas if you were driving east you picked up a radio station but same road facing west it didn’t come in.. 

last thing is if the building is the new energy efficient design all of the windows have metal film and it kills signal even a higain antenna won’t work you will need a cellular repeater.


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