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Flat Shack Sticker Machines..


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Ok so i just got back from Ohio for the 5 flat shack sticker units.. I gotta say they are nice machines for being plastic.. and the drive was well worth it since I got all 5 for 120.00 - I have locations for 4 of the 5 already and plan to take them out Monday..


However, I didnt notice this until I got them home but 2 of the slots are for 50 cents and 2 are for 75 cents.. Should I convert the 75 cents to 50 cents ...or should i sell stickers at 50 cents and tattoos for 75 cents? All 4 are going to Mexician resturants..


what do you guys think?

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Glad you like the Flat Shack machines. I think it's the best looking machine for sticker/tattoos but do wish it were 6" taller. You can't lose at what you bought these for! One of the best deals I've seen posted here in the forum.

The price you use really depends on your area and what the market is selling them for. I've never seen a machine in my area selling either stickers or tattoos for more than 50 cents except the giant ones. I've seen machines in other areas at 75 cents and a buck but I don't think I could get it when all the competitors machines are at 50 cents. Maybe out in some of the smaller rural areas where there aren't as many machines you wouldn't have any issue with them at 75 cents. You can order the plugs to change the vend on those from ESD.

I would suggest you try to but tattoos in those machines geared for the Mexican Market. Even then I'd buy for the exact area you are placing the machines - St. Louis or Chicago or small rural towns with chicken processing plants? Brand has some nice tatts for that market. You may do well with religious tatts and more family oriented in the rural areas. Also selling the black ink only tatts rather than color may work well in those locations. Brand also has some nice rings and items for the Mexican market in capsules if you have any other machines in those locations.

Of course you haven't really said these were real Mexican restaurants with Mexicans as customers or not? That is what I was talking about. Gotta put product in there for the customer base not the owners. lol


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They are no longer being made. Seems like it was American Distributors or American something? You shouldn't need to contact the company to buy a lock anyway. Just take one of the locks off to a locksmith and buy another one.

Here is a pic that you could print to have something to show when locating if you want one.

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I think the company was First American Vending but no longer in business. The link here in this ad isn't working and didn't try this phone number.

Not sure who this guy is selling these 18 new Flat Shack machines but he wants $600 each.

First American Vending   Top of Page

Flat Shack Card, Tattoo Brand new, never used, card, tattoo, sticker machines, 18 available. View machines at www.firstamericanvending.com. Will sell seperately or better price for 5 or more. I will pay shipping. Asking: $600 each. Contact: Rick Hollander. Schaumburg, IL. Phone: 847-985-5339. Time: Evenings, weekends or leave message. Email.

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