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couple of good deals


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Did you win that 2" Oak machine for only a dollar? You should feel badly and send the seller some extra money.   :D

Nice price on the NW setup as well.  The 2 column sticker/tattoo was worth half what you paid for the whole deal.  I'd have to get another bigger machine on top to balance that puppy out though.  :cool:

Just a little OCD here.  lol


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what are you talking about badly????I feel bad for haveing to pay 35 bucks for shipping!

with  the rack I am not sure what I will do with it.probably put my 1dollar machine there if it looks good.so much for not buying anything huh?

lately anything I have won as been pretty much on the low end.I put a 5 dollar bid on that 1 dollar machine and won.I put the opening bid on the rack and won it too.usually I get out bid.I did end up winning a nw super 60 for $$49 shipped.not so proud of that one but I thought for sure I would get out bid but wonit.

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