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Charity locations requesting waivers


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First off, my homework : http://www.vendiscuss.com/forums/view_topic.php?id=100&forum_id=13

Having read that, and compared the various write ups, I felt compelled to look for something simpler. I haven't formed any legal organizations or names for my business, and am presenting this as a volunteer. (Midwest found me the location, notes said to present charity information and waver. It is for a restaurant.) I was thinking about using Steve's letter and dropping the business names. I did however like DKs inclusion of a section about notifying the vendor if the business is going out of business, as I could use all the help I can get in retrieving machines if the location closes.

My focus is on showing up and representing the charity in a positive light.

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If you are using NCCS their placement letter has a blurb about no obligation or liability to the business owner. Nothing about going out of business though. I understand NCCS has other documents to make the owner more comfortable as well.

I give my locations a copy of this placement letter and they are happy.


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