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Hair regrowth shampoo.


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I’m full time in the auto industry and own 24 vending machines. 35 years old and my hair is falling out fast. No lies and not a joke post. Has anyone ever had any good luck with any OTC treatments? I hadn’t thought about it but my last haircut the stylist ( kinda cute) said something. Ugh. She said the shampoos are worth a shot even if they let me keep what’s still left. I suppose she’s right. There’s so many out there and it’s all $$$. Just curious if anyone has tried any and the results. 

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Hair falls out as a result of dihydrotestosterone. (DHT)

Minoxidil (Rogaine) might help at least slow down the process, but you would really need a DHT blocker to possibly stop it, specifically finasteride, last I knew. It's the drug for Propecia and Proscar. 

DHT is important for the development of the penis in a male fetus, but in adult males it attacks the prostate and the hair. The problem is once a hair dies at the root, it doesn't come back.

(I am not a doctor, don't take medical advice from me.) 

I haven't needed any of this since I got my fathers genes, and he died in his 70s with a full head of hair that was just starting to turn grey. 

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