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Looking for 3 4wide newer model snack machines

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post...I put one also in the classified section.  My apologies to the board if it's not ok to post this here.  Anyway have a new office opening up and I don't want to get new machines...looking for newer model good shape used.  Prefer NV 168s but open to offers.  If you don't have any for sale, wondering if you can post good refurbishers.  I deal with 3-4 but none have newer models.  Thanks very much..great board.

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I just found some minutes ago about 8 years old for $1675 with no coin mechs or validators or surevend.  Thoughts on this deal?  I just picked up some 167s about 5 years old with surevend, mechs, validators for $1400 but I got lucky on that deal.  Any thoughts on this one? 

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