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Small full line vending accounts

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I have a question for you all:

I have a few locations that are smaller locations that really don't make us money.  They are all at locations of people whom I have befriended before we even had vending machines.  I need to pull these machines (some snack and some drink) and put them in profitable locations.  What can I do at these smaller locations to continue to serve them?  A couple of them would be good candidates for honor boxes because of the people who work there, but they don't want the responsibility of an honor box (even though I told them they would NOT be responsible for any loss on our part).  Because they are good people and friends they would still feel a responsibility for any losses.  I don't want to cause any awkwardness between us.  So I'd rather not put honor boxes at these locations because of that.  Some of the other locations have some public traffic so honor boxes just would not work there.  Is there another way of still serving these smaller locations that don't move much merchandise without the expense of a vending machine??

I'll entertain just about any ideas at all.

Thank you all, and have a blessed day,

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Kevin has a good idea. If you need the machines to put on other locations, that yould be the way to go.

In the meantime, do not service them as often. If you are servieing them weekly, start serviceing them every 2-weeks. that way you get more money for less labor. I have a location that I was seeing 2twice a week. I now See them about 1 a month. they are closing down in august, and asked me not to pull the machines untill they close. I told them that I would be looking for a new location, but I would leave them as long as I can. The have 3 machines a snack with a bottle satilite and a can soda. I have another snack in storage and I am looking for a location so I can pull one of the soda machines and put with the snack. Then I'll find another location for the remaining machines. Because I am doing them a favor, They call me if there are any issues between visits. It is working out ok. I currently do not have another location for them, so they are making some money while I look another spot.

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Thanks sbishop for the informaton.

I am looking to develop a route with small electronic/mechanical machines and I wanted to get information on the best brand and how much can I expect to make monthly.

If you don't mind me asking what brand machines are you using? Are they reliable? And how much money are you making monthly?


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