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Hello, I want to get started with a soda machine where I work


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This looks like the best place to start looking for any information that may be helpful. 

Here's my story 

I'm trying to figure out how to convince my wife that we need to drop a couple grand on a vending machine, and make sure that I don't buy into a bad idea.

I have looked at the numbers and there are about 250 people that work at this site, and based on the shift rotations there are over 900 shifts worked every week.

Does anybody have any statistics on how what percent of employees put 5 bucks into a vending machine?

I want to make write up a business plan type document that I can use to convince my wife and also get the company to sign off on me putting in a machine then expanding to the rest of the locations on the site.

In order to get a machine in front of nearly all of the employee during their shifts I would probably expand to about 7 locations throughout the site. I would expect to put in a soda machine at every location I can get access to and a snack machine alongside most of those. But I think I have a solid idea of where to put the first machine in order to start cashflowing the purchase of more machine. This first location is at the locker rooms where about 150 employees change out for about 500 shifts per week. 

If there is anybody that can do anything that looks like forecasting revenue with numbers like that I would appreciate some help. 

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I see that you also posted this elsewhere and got a response.  Only one post is necessary.  There is no way to predict any sales volume for one machine let alone a location, especially in this situation where there would me multiple machines needed but you would only be placing one, for some odd reason.

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I'm sorry about double posting, I wanted to introduce myself in the correct sub forum, and I thought this was a good place to ask the question that I had. I ended up double posting.

I won't do that anymore.

The odd reason that I'm not trying to start out with 5+ machines is the cost, I don't have 10K to start this off with, and what I can come up with would be in the form of a loan from the family savings. But because of your advice, I will try and figure out how to make it a two machine startup instead of one. The logistics will be harder and the expense will be approximately double, but it should flow more cash and turn the adventure into a profitable endeavor faster. 

Once again thank you for your input. I appreciate it.


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