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Snackshop cs-12 project can anyone help.?


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I recently purchased a non working cs12 vending machine for cheap as a daddy daughter project the keypad would only register the letter d I thought a quick pad clean would fix the issue upon opening the machine these parts are very old and I decided to just replace keypad and motherboard im having the hardest time finding any replacement parts for this specific machine can anyone help please?

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Here is the manual for that machine: https://www.monstervending.com/manualspdf/ap/APCsnack.pdf

The PN you need is 750130 which is no longer available.  You would need to search the interwebs to see if you can find one.  You'd really be better off with a full size, more current snack machine, but snacks isn't where any vendor should start.  Can soda is the way to start in vending.

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