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Reading around the site, including here as my son is thinking about maybe getting into vending and honor boxes are obviously cheap for startup capital needed.

It doesn't hurt to read about the acrylic versions since I'm an acrylic shop owner.

Further browsing of what acrylic boxes look like led me to one place that seemed to have an app attached....then a search for such an app that could use a QR code...then realized that there is a QR code scanning option for Google / Apple / PayPal.

I don't know how convenient it would be and tracking individual boxes seems like it would need an app, but maybe tokens with a QR code that go into the box?

Anyone tried?

I'm sure it depends on how much theft is ppl just not having the money when they are hungry and how much is more intentional. It would also seem to me a good thing to put on a shortage note (but again, tracking who paid for what box would seem to be an issue).


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