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I have a 'Toy House' Claw machine (just like the Animal House claw machine but smaller)

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So I just recently bought a Toy House claw machine and dont have the manual to it, been looking all of forums and google but cant find 'the book' anywhere. I forget what kind of error code I get but i think its error code '66' that comes up on the timer. Please if anyone owns a 'Toy House' and has a link to one or has pictures of it i would greatly appreciate your help! Also if anyone knows how to fix the Bill acceptor on it that would be amazing as well!


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I don’t know anything about redemption machines....

but without a manual you may be up a creek.

id look for the obvious, blocked or misaligned sensors, tracks...

the bad bill acceptor may be the cause for your code but I’d hate to have you spend more money on it and it doesn’t help matters.

what company made the bill acceptor. It does not look familiar to me at all. Anything printed on the back?

Plus who made this hole machine in general?

why are there always so many guys asking for manuals for redemption machines? I don’t get it. Are they all imported China junk?

ive said it before and I’ll say it again.... it always amazes me how good the schematics are for arcade games and pinball machines from the late70’s to mid 90’s. Vending machines manuals are good but not as good. Crane games and redemption machines sound like they all suck for documentation and end user serviceability.

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On 3/13/2023 at 6:22 AM, AZVendor said:

Hey, I know, I'll go buy a random candy crane and fix it.

what do you mean by this? This machine I bought was functional but in transit apparently messed up or got an error

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