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DN3000 Checksum error


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Hello fellow vendors!


I've been nursing my DN3000 back to life and have now been hit with a display of 99.95 when any purchase is attempted. From what I can see it's a control error code regarding BAD RAM.

Respectful advice will be appreciated. I'm not a genius but I'll understand what you suggest or advise. I'm trying to repair not abandon it. 👍🏾💪🏾

Thanks in advance 


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Nah, that just means that the backup battery is dead. When that happens and the machine is unplugged it forgets the prices and defaults to the highest possible price, 99.95. Try repricing the machine. If that fixes it time for a new backup battery. Cheap easy fix. If I remember correctly it’s on the control board and is a standard CR2032 button cell/coin battery. Unplug the machine before you work on it.

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