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CB700 Lost settings, Garbled Display HELP

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Was running fine, I turned it off today to vacuum and clean off the condenser/ evap which I have done in the past about every few months...  When I turned it back on, display rotated between garbage random characters, "no sale", and "out of service".  It will not accept any coins/cash.  Card reader says "cash only", and the mei cf7000 screen says "disabled by vender".  I tried it without the telemeter and flip flopped the validator and coin mech with the snack machine.  Still no dice.


Going through the menu... It has all these errors....  I was able to clear them all but ACCE.


Noticed one selection was all of a sudden priced at some random number like 48.72.  So I reset all the prices.  Also it wouldn't keep any settings like space to sales, it kept changing that to 5, and product depth would not stay.  It kept randomly changing from cans to bottles.

I've got a battery on order for the board.  I'm hoping that is all that's wrong.  Anyone have any issues like this?

When I cleaned off the EVAP coil, I removed the chute but let the drop sensor connected.  Thinking I messed that up somehow, I test vended all the columns from the menu and they all worked.  I even adjusted the drop sensor sensitivity and the LED turned on when I tapped the chute.  So I doubt I messed the sensor up, But I have a spare to try just in case.


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That is an odd issue.  It does sound like it's only a logic board issue.  If the battery won't hold your settings, (remember that it will need to charge up for a while) then you'll need to replace the board.

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New battery fixed it. Just posting this info for anyone else in the future since vendnets tech support probabaly couldn’t figure it out.

Apparently they should measure at least 2.8 volts. Mine was 0 volts. Machine was probably ok until I turned it off and then lost settings. Funny how it wouldn’t even let me reset the settings with a dead battery and keep them as long as power isn’t cut. But oh well.

I ordered 2 from digikey just to have one in stock. part number M4T28-BR12SH1 “snap hat” battery. It just pops off and pops back on. Then all the pricing and settings need to be reset. Two batteries and ON shipping costed about 40.00. Way better than a 680.00 new control board. Even though I did find a couple companies that would rebuild this board for about 200.00.

when testing yours, go on the terminals I’m using. The other two I believe are a clock crystal.

thanks everyone!






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Good one. I've seen many times that a drop of hot glue securing the battery to the socket helps prevent it shaking loose.  I think that was SOP on those boards from Royal.   I also got into the habit of making sure all of the surface mount legs were actually soldered down.  The solder bath they used didn't always grab all of the legs on the RAM.

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