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Crane 780 Temperature control

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Good Afternoon,

I purchased a crane 780 with the hopes of using it for cold drinks as well as a couple selections of cold food. It seems that this machine has been set to only cool to about 60 degrees. I;m assuming the last user probably was using it as and ambient machine in a hot location like a factory or something. I'm trying to figure out how to lower the temperature on the cold control to a cold food temperature like 36-38 or so. I've never had this type of machine. When I look at the manual it shows a "turn nob" type control for this but it says "optional" this machine does not have a turn nob cold control.  I'm assuming its in the "product configuration" menu ? it says its set for non-perishable food. I'm stuck there. How do I change this?




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If it doesn't have a health control in it then it's illegal to put cold food products in it unless they are just chilled shelf-stable items.

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