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USI 3561 "VMC drop Sensor" error message coming up

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Hello everyone!

I have a 3561 that keeps giving me a "VMC Drop Sensor" error message. 

When I plug the machine in and turn the power it says "preparing Elevator" which it then does successfully, after that it goes directly to "out of service" then when opened it then shows the " VMC DROP SENSOR" Error. It was working fine then I installed a new NAYAX credit card reader, installed a door glide, then cleaned the elevator delivery bin. After all of that is when it has given me this error message.

I bought this machine second hand from some people that messed with the door which has been not so easy to realign but I believe I have it about right. (Just wanted to throw this last part in to make sure everyone who might know a solution has the whole picture.)


Thank you!  



UPDATE: I called Vendnet and they walked me through how to change the configuration from a Drink machine to a snack machine which is what it technically is, but its set up to dispense drinks only.

The support agent said that when it is switched to drinks it thinks it needs a drop sensor that would be on a stacker drink machine not a glass front like the 3561, there is a difference between I-Vend Sensors and drop sensors on the GVC2 board.  

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