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Door gasket/ too much EVAP. water help needed

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I have one machine that is definitely creating too much water and I am hoping for help determining when the door gasket is bad

The machine is a vision vendor. So, more than just the primary gasket.

A few places the door gasket is flat and stiff. Is that enough to make you decide it is time to replace? When they are no longer pliable, rounded and bouncy?

Also, has anyone ever used a good weatherstripping to replace a door gasket, instead of the OE gasket. Not foam garbage weatherstripping but actual rubber or better.

Thanks for reading.

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If you think that is the problem then you need to put a factory door gasket on it.  No weatherstripping will work as well.  If you want to know if the flat areas are not sealing then take a tube of white lithium grease and dab it onto the gasket or the door (only on one or the other, don't intermix them) in the spots you want to know about and then close and snug the door down.  Reopen it and see if the grease transfers to the other surface in every location.  If so then the gasket is fine.

Tell us about the location: high humidity, inside with A/C, high volume, is the machine level front to back and left to right (checking the cabinet, not the door), is the drain hose on the cabinet intact, etc.

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white lithium grease. I will definitely try that this weekend. Thanks

The machine is level and drain line works- I replaced the drain pan with more like a bucket sized pan and it is pretty full every 2 weeks.

It is indoors but in a warehouse area very near an overhead door that is always open during business hours.; southern California

I am not positive (I do not have much experience troubleshooting gasket issues), but I expect it is a gasket issue.

The machine had been stored for at least a few years before I purchased/began using it.


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