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DN- 276E lost Fob

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Hi all, 

I recently received an old Pepsi asset machine. It is a Dixie Nerco- 276E. I’ve already called Pepsi to try to get a new fob for it with no luck so far. Is there another way into this machine so I may be able to put my own key on? Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance



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If that machine came from your local Pepsi, they shold have a battery powred tool to open it. Once open, you can replace the electric lock setup or order a new key from the manufacturer.  I have never puller off the electric lock but it caqn be done once it is opened

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Unfortunately at the moment I’m having trouble getting ahold of anyone at my local Pepsi office. I can get someone at their corporate location with no issue but once I’m transferred it goes to voicemail. I’ve left numerous messages with no call back. I’m hoping to find another way if that’s at all possible.

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