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Beginner, new business in Palermo, Sicily

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Hi, I'm Marco, 26 from Palermo, Sicily, Italy
I'm new to this world and I think this business may be the best business in terms of remuneration multiplied by time invested in management.

I've been looking at the various threads on the forum, and while I was initially thinking of applying for a 20,000 grant I think I've realized that maybe it's better to go for something less risky first and that will guarantee that I'll set aside some money before making the big investment.

My ultimate goal is to open a store like there are none in palermo, with a vending machine of cooked pizza, French fries, cooked pasta and reheated convenience foods, complete with snack and drink machines and various accessories, here there is nothing like that there are only snacks, drinks and accessories, it would be a kind of 24h diner and there are few places open until late at night.

having a look at the discussions I think that currently that I am on a tight budget, the best thing to do is to contact all the pizzerias and restaurants in the area and see if they are willing to let me put ball machines with children's toys, and gumball machines in their premises.

Turn to you with more experience, do you think it is a good idea to start this way?
What do I need to get started? should I open a vat number? how much % should I propose to the owner?

I thank you for your attention and any answers and clarifications👏

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