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DN 501e Can't navigate menu

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Good Afternoon!


Over the weekend my power went out and now one of my DN501e machines is on the fritz.  I tried resetting the control board but I am still having issues.


The screen has a solid 99.95 when it boots back up.  I went into the menu to try and change that default price back to the correct prices but I cant move through the settings menu.  The service button takes me to HD but I can't move to the other option fields.  When I try to scroll through the menu the screen switches between HD and .00 6 times but will never go to other settings.  


Is my board toast? Any advice would be great. Can provide pics if needed

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The 99.95 price is typical of when the board loses its settings and usually have to replace the battery that’s in the control board.  
With what you’re getting on the display, the first thing I would look at is the select switch.   All models except Pepsi use switches, and if it’s a Pepsi model, then you have to order the printed film for the selections.  If your buttons do use switches then I would remove one of the switches from the lower columns (or lowest scaling) and replace it with #1 switch.  When pressing the button make sure that the button is going in and out as well the switch makes a clicking sound.  

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It does need the CR2032 battery replaced on the logic board and then it does sound like you have a bad switch membrane that won't recognize your button presses.  You do know that you must press 1 and 2 together to move through the menus, right?

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