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Vending machine credit card reader… SIM cards??

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I just bought and received my first vending machine and was told it would come with a working and ready tot use credit card reader but thst def wasn’t the case! It came with one, that’s about the end of that! So I’m trying to get this pax IM30 cc reader up and running and have been having a difficult time doing so! I even bought a different one bc I was told I could have it operational while I finished onboarding with the company but thst wasn’t true either so it’s been probly 6 weeks without a cc reader and it’s def hurting my business so I need to figure this out and get it working asap! And suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated 

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Sounds like you aren't in the states since I've never heard of PAX IM30.  Putting your country into your signature sure would help.  You also need to include the model of machine you're working on or no one will know how to help you.

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