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Vendo 821 Stuck on Free Mode

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Hi All! 

Hope you're all having a good day. My associate went out to switch up some pricing for our Vendo 821 and accidentally got it stuck on "Free" in the digital display.  He went through the Mode menu until getting to Override and then once there toggled from "Free Yes" (which activates this Free mode by selecting the top drink button) and "Free No" (which should deactivate it and you get by selecting the 2nd from top button). He set to Free No and confirmed it by hitting the 3rd from top button (which confirms your selection). This is exactly what the instructions say to do but whenever he would shut the door it would reset back to Free mode. 

Now we're stuck in it and have no way of getting it out. We had to unplug it, hide the cord underneath, and put an Out of Order label on it because if powered up it'll just vend free drinks every time someone selects a drink. 

The wholesaler said the door may be stuck but it appeared to shut, lock, and power up just fine. Unless there's some other indication that the door is in fact somehow jammed. If it isn't, is there any other way to do a hard reset on this thing? 

Any and all help is greatly appreciated and we'll buy ya a round when you're in Vegas 😁

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The programming can be confusing.  You might have to make it say free no, then maybe selection 4 a few times to exit out to actually get it to save.  I had to change eproms a few times and set STS to custom.  Very confusing to do.

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Your distributor was referring to the door switch, not the door. But because you were in the programming that switch isn't stuck.

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Factory reset for 12.x (V21, Vue 30/40 and GF9) series boards is as follows.


(1) power down vendor

(2) door switch in middle position

(3) hold selections 1 & 4 while powering up

(4) wait aboit 3 seconds ( listen for the DBV starts to cycle)

(5) release #1 & #4 and press #3

If successful, the display should read “factory reset successful”. 

This is a timed function with fairly tight parameters so that you don’t accidentally perform a reset.   you may have to try a couple times. 

you will have to reprogram the entire machine with pricing and anything else that was customized 

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I know this is a little old but did you ever get this figured out? I had the same issue the other day but thankfully was able to figure it out.


You will need to set all prices to whatever you sell most of (I sell cans mostly so I set mine to $1) and then go back and change the price of your drinks that are a different price. That will do the trick. If you have "All" under the price menu set to 0, it will vend "Free". Hope this helps because I was freaking out the other day until I figured it out. 

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