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Estimating sales

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So I basically don't sell anything for less than $1 now with the most expensive items (out of the machines) being just over $3.  Having said that, I noticed recently that I have gotten really bad at estimating sales now because the prices have just changed so drastically in recent years.  Being in the position I am in here locally, I believe I have very little competition with accounts that have between 30 and 80 people.  These are all too small for the big boys and (who don't have enough labor) and too big for the little guys who can't get good equipment.  So I am in a position where I *think* I can secure locations with fair pricing.  Thing is, I have no idea how much they should be generating because I have many locations somewhere in that range that generate anything between $3,500/year and almost $30,000/year.  So.. sticking with roughly 50 employees (blue collar factory-type work) with snack + soda only, how much sales do you expect to see?  I expect to see anywhere between 100-200/week from these locations but maybe I am way off base here.

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I think you're worrying too much about the little things.  If you would have taken that account when prices weren't so high and been happy with them then you'll still be happy with them now.  You already know that you will put more pennies in the bank from a high price compared to the old days low prices so even if you lose some unit sales you're profits will be higher, percentage-wise at least.  That means more pennies in the bank per vend.

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