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New Drink Upgrade kits for Royal and USI from InOne Technology

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InOne Technology is currently in production manufacturing new upgrade kits for USI and Royal drink machines which will be available this summer. The upgrade approach is desirable for many people who want to enable older machines to now accept card readers. Additionally, pre-kitting information and cash accountability can be retrieved from the controller using DEX or MDB codes transmitted through telemetry to your vending management software. Two upgrade kits will support three drink machines models. One kit for Royal 650 Merlin IV based machines and a second kit for USI CB500 (3189) and USI CB700 (3151) cabinets. We do not have an exact date of availability but suspect 4-6 weeks from now.

CB500 (3189) upgrade is appropriate for machines with red displays using MCB12 controllers. Cabinets with blue displays are a newer model (3500/CB500-G1) and use the GVC1 controller and already permit card vends.

CB700 (3151), like CB500 could use two different controllers. The InOne upgrade is appropriate for 3151 using the Coinco controller. Machines labelled CB700-G1 use the GVC1 controller and already permit card vends.

Royal 650 (Merlin IV) upgrade was engineered using a 650-10 and 660-8 vendor for operators to install card readers and provide DEX for pre-kitting on older model drink machines. There may be other similar model drink machines based on the Merlin IV controller the kit will work on.

We did not perform any testing on CB300 (3179), but it is based on the MCB12 controller same as CB500, so theoretically it may work. Operators with multiple USI drink machines who purchase the USI upgrade who are curious enough may want to attempt an install to see what happens.  Most likely the kit would be used in CB300SA machines, not a slave unit off the snack machine.  Kits were designed for full size drink vendors. We also have a large offering of snack machine upgrades that will compliment our new drink upgrades.

If you wish to be placed on our pre-sale notification list, please send an email to and you will be contacted when kits are available to purchase.

InOne Technology



Royal 650-OK.jpg

USI 3151 CB700-OK.jpg

USI 3189 CB500-OK.jpg

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11 minutes ago, allen watson said:

This is good news!

Anything for Vendos in the works?

Thanks Alan!  Not at present. We want to see how well Royal and USI kits sell before looking into other drink upgrade solutions.

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Ok. I’m sure they will do well.
I have Vendos and Dixie Narcos. All my DN’s were upgraded with a newer eprom but these darn Vendos don't have that option.
I’m a small operator and have 12 or so Vendos that need an upgrade to send cash sales thru my CC so I can pre-kit my route. 

(Your kits fixed all my AP snack machines)

Thanks Arnie!

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20 hours ago, Arnie InOne said:

Good timing! We will begin shipping USI kits on Monday 9/4/23 for CB500/700 machines.  We are still in the process of adding drink upgrades to our website so give it a few days to order online.  Kits include new controller, display assembly and any necessary cabling/parts.

Arnie, They're live!

Any chance you could email me install instructions for the Royal 650, see how involved it is?  TY!

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