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Dixie Narco 501e "Sold out Selection" ???

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Hello to all.

    My one Can Soda selection continues to read sold out. In TEST VEND mode it will vend for me,but around the 3rd or 4th push of the selection button it only moves the "Brown" adjustable cam a tiny bit ..then I press selection switch again and it turns a few more mm until the 3rd push of the button it finally moves enough to fall into one of the valleys on the disc. The bottom white "Cherry" switch with the bar over top of the small button of the switch seems to not fully disengaging and is making contact with the tiny black button on the top of the switch.

Thank you in advance



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Bad motor switch.  Also, be sure that your rear depth is set correctly in that column.  With the cans (3 deep I hope) pushed back against the rear spacer, you should then have one finger of space between the depressed sold out paddle and the front can. If not then adjust your rear spacer appropriately and evenly top to bottom, side to side. When one motor switch goes bad it's a good idea to replace them all.  The switches are rated for 125V but only have 5VDC running through them and any amount of corrosion inside them will cause issues for that 5V.

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