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USI 3170A EPROM Upgrade

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Morning all, have a USI 3170A that we need to fit a Nayax VPOST to.

Am hoping that will be a simple EPROM upgrade - current vers SM-6 67185-8

Anyone have any leads on an EPROM upgarde or will we be looking at an aftermarket board?

Have checked InOne website but only 2 USI kits listed & 3170A isn't listed.




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Ugh, we've been over this topic on vendiscuss multiple times in the past.

Sm6 update eprom chips are obsolete and from my understanding, nobody has any.

i don’t even know if anyone rebuilds these boards anymore sadly.

I do have a machine that is using the latest firmware eprom and it does report cashless over mdb. BUT I don’t dare mess with it for fear of making it not usable. Besides I’m fairly certain that my eprom programmer couldn’t even extract the data from the chip due to being locked from vendnet.

thanks again vendnet, no longer supporting your products but also not allowing the end user to have the tools to do the work themselves.

the chip is a specific Motorola proprietary eeprom that requires a very specific programmer to even do anything with. I have yet to find one.

anyone want more details and could possibly help, let me know. I don’t have much more details other than the eeprom chip number (which is also obsolete but there are still for sale from overseas)

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