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FSI 3038

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My FSI 3038 isn’t vending G2,G3,G4 &G5.  It’s vending G1 and G6 normally.  I believe the faulty columns sold out during the last month or so but when I hit the service button it’s not resetting the columns.  Does anyone have a suggestion?  Thanks Danny

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There must be two cans in a column to not show sold out.  The reset of sold outs is to go into the service mode and then back out to the sales mode, which is sounds like you're doing.  You might have gummed up sold out switches or a problem with the umbilical harness.  Have you turned the snack machine off for a minute and then try again?

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I forget now, does this machine use a drop sensor, or sold out switches?

If it's switches, make sure that they aren't gummed up and stuck from an exploded soda can...

If a drop sensor, my next step would be to check connections and then swap motors to see if the problem follows.

I believe this machine to be a serpentine can style though with sold out switches.  Betting the center switches are stuck.

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