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I was not scammed, so I cant say for sure, but it seems fishy.

I inquired about this DN 276e with the Dr. Pepper front that I like that has a missing the Coin Mech and DBV.  I can install my own mei, I don't need coinco trash anyway.  The machine looks decent and a reasonable price (nowadays anyway).  Website seems sloppily put together with spelling errors, but I can look past that.  Pictures seem like a warehouse of machines.  So maybe legit.



My email, I just asked how much for shipping cost to my zip....



Their response seems a little phishy, cookie cutter response.  And I don't know where they are stationed, but only 100.00 to have a 276e delivered.  Seems too cheap.




After seeing that, I re-read their listing and saw some grammatical errors.  Which also points me to believe somethings up.

I feel this is a total scam website, it has all the classic signs.  Cheap machine, cheap shipping, sketchy website, odd payment method...

Anyone have any dealings with them?

Question of the day is if anyone has this 276e Dr Pepper machine for sale???


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I tried to contact them but it says there’s an unknown error. 
They spelled center “centre”. 
Also can’t find a mailing or location address. 
I would move on

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