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Crane national 167 out of service

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crane 167 snack machine.


reading temporary out of service on display

Tried changing coin and bill acceptor, mei has 2 blinks

Coin mech coinco glux-be-ko

Both are 34v, both work fine and power up, but looking further into it, says machine is 110v and not 24v

Machine was hit by a person, after that, it went into "temporarily out of service"

All shelves are intact, nothing seems out order, door switch works, no sensors in drop bin.

The on power lights: left one one, right one flashing, short flash

Any idea of what could be wrong with it? Or how to fix?


Link to pics and video

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Assuming it's an ambient snack machine, it looks like it got set to food and the HSS tripped.  You need to set it back to snack.  I believe that's in the "product config" option.

Might have to redo pricing and all too. 

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Check your settings.  Make sure the Sure Vend is OFF, Check all connections again since someone "hit" the machine.  Do a RAM clear and reset machine.

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