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Drink and snack distributors

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I've looked around the forums and I don't see a direct answer to my question...

Do you know of a good wholesale distributor in the Seattle area?

Costco is fine and all but they randomly don't have things in stock that I sell, and it would be nice to not have to do the big shopping trips! 😅  They also don't have some things. Like vending friendly pretzels.
Additionally, some of the items they do have in stock are not labeled for individual sale (pop-tarts, ect)

They don't sell bottled soda so the cheapest place I've found is Safeway when they are on sale. It really sucks grabbing 20-30 6packs.

I remember as a kid seeing soda bottles sold in the same way as water bottles, wrapped in a 30 pack.  Do I need to talk directly with coke or pepsi? how much volume do I need before they'll work with me? 

We don't have Sam's club in Washington state.

Sorry for rambling, thanks for the help!


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Ask Evergreen Vending if they will help out a new vendor in town.  Keep in mind that they would be buying truckloads of product from Vistar, more than likely. That or a small local mini market supplier.

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