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Crane 187 reboot loop and shopping cart issue

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Filled my first location today!

I got a refurbished Crane 187 for snacks.  I'm having two issues with it. (I know, it's supposed to be tested and functioning right? I would call the company I got it from, but it took them 3 months after I placed my order so I don't expect them to be very useful.)

1) after it's started up and displaying the "make a selection" message, after a few minutes, it goes back to the crane logo and through the whole boot cycle. It seems to be doing this every few minutes if it's left alone. It didn't reboot the entire time I was programing the shelf prices. Only when it's idling.

2) when you make a selection, it should display the "cart" and ask if you want to complete the purchase or make another. instead it shows the screen but there's no cart information there. Then if you hit the X to back out, and then reenter the selection, it WILL display the cart and you can complete a purchase.


Thank you for your help!

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Where do you find software updates?

I've looked through the service manual and I think I understand how to use a USB to update, but I can't seem to find any source for update files.

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