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Vendo 280 vending issue

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So I have a strange issue. I currently have a Vendo 280 that vends more than one can of pop. So if you put a dollar in and select a certain selection it will give you a soda but it won't cycle. So you can get another soda for the same dollar. Something like 2 for 1 deal. I can't figure out what is causing this.  I made all of the selections single depth and still the same issue. I changed out both the coin mech and validator. Any thoughts? 

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Vendo 388687 Carrier Switch and 388688 Motor Start Switch.  You can get them from D&S Vending.  You may not need all of the switches as you probably only have one bad one but D&S may have a minimum purchase.  The bottom pic is how all of your motors switches should look when the motor is at home.  If one motor is not home as shown then that could be the problem motor.  It could also be due to a gummed up motor brake which is the brass curved level on the bottom of the motor magnets.  A shot of windex will clean that up.

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