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Crane National 157 Incorrect Change

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Hey all, 

Got two calls today that the same machine gave the incorrect amount of change. Both customers inserted a five dollar bill and were given the incorrect # of coins in return. I'm going to check it out on Wednesday (would go earlier but I'm out of town) so is there anything I should look out for?

Planning to just power cycle the machine, but anything specific I should look for in regards to the board/coin mech? 


Any help is always appreciated. 



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Turns out it's a 6512. 


Went last night and didn't notice any oddities. I emptied the coin tubes and didn't see anything off- no coins standing on end, no coins stuck together, no incorrect coins in their respective tubes. The mech worked fine for me using a $5, $2, and $2 in coins for $1 purchases. Is this something that can happen randomly? 

I'm jaded, but is it possible the two guys talked to each other to come up with the same story? Called both to let them know I left a refund and neither seemed to remember what I was talking about. 

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And count your 5s each time you collect to know if they are honest or not.  Your machine will tell you how many 5s it accepted.  They are likely playing you since they "forgot" about it.  What is the shortage value of $5 less the vend price?  That would be a good clue to provide.

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