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Michigan distributors? Vendors? Anyone???

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I am a newcomer here in Michigan trying to start a vending machine business (yes I know, so original). Where do I find distributors or sellers that are not scamming on fb or offer up?

My criteria are legit people willing to sell a combo machine for a reasonable rate.

Not to hop on the bandwagon but I scoured the ins and outs of fb marketplace but I'm looking to move to a more secure option: find local warehouses around Metro Detroit to visit physically and buy from their inventory. Does anyone recommend any websites, forums, or maybe people they know to help me connect with the locals here in Michigan? 


Thanks and any other combo machine advice would be appreciated!

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Find a local repairman/ refurbisher of machines.  Do not buy from the internet and remember that FB and CL are full of rip offs.  CL is better than FB though.  Forget combos (that's what everyone thinks is the way to go) and do soda machines ONLY to start with.  Easier to run, fill and service. This is the best vending forum in the country and we can tell you if any particular machine you are looking at is worthwhile or not.

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