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Tracking Fresh Food Sales

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I am sure I have missed a post about this, but after a few hours I figured I would put this question out here:

How do you all track fresh food sales in vending machines?  

We have our commissary producing sandwiches, fruit, meals, etc. to go in the 'wheel of death' machines.  Our route drivers are putting in orders for prep and delivery several days in advance, but we lose accountability since the machine is selling at price points, unlike our micro markets. 

it is fairly easy to track for once a week customers:  what you put in last week - what you staled this week = sales of specific SKU.  Machines that are serviced more than once a week are more problematic, as the end user may not purchase the oldest (in-date) product. 

We do utilize Cantaloupe/Seed, but have been unsuccessful creating planograms for machine.  Any help would be appreciated.  

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