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Jammed Column Error For Dixie Narco 276/501E Models??

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After purchasing three "refurbished" Dixie Narco machines off Craigslist, all three of them, when entering the HD mode, would display that there were JC-Errors for column 9, 10, 11, etc., when these were 276e or 501e models that do not have any of those columns in the first place. With our basic 276e and 501e models, we can override this error and continue through the settings, yet we are unsure if this can become an issue later when placing at a location. However, the other 501e model, which is a live display (I don't know if that matters), cannot override this error and, in our eyes, appears broken. Should we invest in a new control board for each of our machines, or is there a simpler way to approach this issue? We have factory reset all of them already and know that usually there isn't a space to sales setting for DN machines. Thank you for any guidance on what to do next.

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