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New Vending Operator. Need Helping Finding Documentation

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Good Afternoon community,

My son and I have recently embarked on the journey to build our own vending machine business. We currently have 1 account, and it has a USI 3014ADA installed in it, and it's not been converted to MDB for CCs. I also have a USI 3014A that has been converted to MDB, and has a CC reader installed. Unfortunately, I cannot contact the previous owner of the CC reader, so I'm just going to have get another one. 

So, my issue right now is the machine that is converted to MDB has the software upgrade from USI, but they no longer support it or have any documentation for it. The software version when the machine boots up with USI3 v3.24. The key strokes listed on the side of the machine no longer work for the machine to either test vend and what not. Only way I have found to do that is to take and have money with me and operate it as a guest purchasing items. I have been able to take and edit the pricing of the units, but when i go into the service menu, it tells me there is an error with motor A2 A4 A6 and A8. A1 is just that, A1. A3 is also A4. A5 is also A2, and A7 is also A8.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to help me out, or might have links to appropriate manuals, many thanks in advance. If you need more information, please let me know, and if it's possible to talk over the phone, please let me know.

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You have two very old machines that are not worthy of upgrading at all.  That said, you need to find out what aftermarket logic board is in your MDB machine and contact them for help or get a manual for their board.  This might be InOne Technologies.  In the future, try to buy more modern machines but run those purchases by us first.  Many older machines can be upgraded but some are worth it and some are not.  The USI 3014/3015s are not.

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