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Need help Saeco BP 56

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Hello, I need help with my saeco bp 56 if anyone have one or already work with it please help. I want to install a nayax on it so right now it not seem to work at all. I talk with a repair show and the sell me the new eprom for suppose to work after all so i have the same issue. 

When I try to pay on it I see the credit on vm, I chose the item I see the credit go to exemple 6$ to 4,50$ .. after that it suppose to work and give the item so the transaction was cancel every time... the next day the do the same so the transaction finish and the vm just give me the cash of the item...


Can someone have experience with this brand ?

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Yes i already find this one. Its set to mdb, they have also a protocol setting ( saeco protocol or eva-dts), they have a adresse we can change something like 40x0 48x0 etc so i think its for the ttl connector and rs232.

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