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Questions about CPI T7T2-U5M Bill Acceptor

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I sold a CPI T7T2-U5M bill acceptor on ebay. The customer received the bill acceptor but wants to return it because it is a 34V and not a 24V. The customer has written me the following messages:

"Hi, I got the bill acceptor, but it says its a 34 volt, I needed a 24 volt. Do you have a 24 volt specific instead? I need this specifically for 24 volt. I will be in SF this Thursday if you want to exchange. Please advise?"
"by chance do you have a harness to work with PULSE standard, or do you know if the MDB Harness can with with the Pulse standard of communication? thanks"


I'm not familiar with pulse vending or voltage ratings. Is there someone that could help me answer the customer? Does he need to return the bill acceptor?



Here is a link to the item:

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MdB and "pulse" are separate protocols so the MDB harness will not work.  Check the manual for settings and any required harnessing for a "pulse" application.  To my knowledge, this is not different from the VN/AE series DBVs that operate in either application and they are all marked "34 Volt"

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If he doesn't know what he is doing, (which it sounds like he doesn't),  you probably should just return his money, get your validator back, and apologize that you can't help him.  (Less headaches that way, BTDT)

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