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AP Studio 4 T-Handle

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I had to drill out the T-Handle on an old AP Studio 4 that I accidentally damaged. I ordered a replacement T-Handle, but it turns out the replacement handle is a totally different version than the one I drilled out. The older T-Handle had a longer thread that would connect to the door hinge, but the new replacement piece isn't long enough to reach that hinge. I've called a few places like D&S Vending & Vendor's Exchange looking for the correct version and I've been told the handle I drilled out is obsolete. 


Am I screwed? Does anyone know where I can keep looking for the older T-handle, or a newer version that will be the appropriate length?

The part # for the OLD lock is 16600254 if it's helpful. 


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That looks like it's too short to reach the hinge lock, similar to the one I already bought. I need the longer, older, version which I was told is obsolete. I actually called VE solutions and they told me they didn't have the part they needed. 

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