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Necta snacky RY - Card reader communication problem

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Hello everybody !


I am having some trouble by adding the cashless card reader Ingenico SELF2000 to my NECTA Snacky RY with a Currenza C2 as coin acceptor,

It successfully communicate with the bank and internet through ethernet cable, but it cannot communicate with the vending machine or the coin acceptor when it is plugged to it either direclty plug to the MDB main board socket of the machine, or through the MDB cable of the coin mecanism, if I choose a product, no price or payment order is sending to the card reader,


-It keep display "Please choose a product" when I plug the card reader to the MDB plug of the coin acceptor whatever I do even if I setup the coin acceptor to accept MDB Card reader in its settings,

-if I plug the card reader directly to the 6 pinn MDB socket of the vending machine (J12) it only powerup and display "COMMUNICATION IMPOSSIBLE" (even if I set the coin mecanism setting of the vending from EXECUTIVE to MDB) I don't know what is this MDB soket for or if it need an software update

-I tested the coin mecanism is also not communicating if I plugged it to the 6pinn MDB socket of vending machine, no matter if I set vending machine Coin mecanism communication from EXECUTIVE to MDB or validator/DBV, the coin mecanism is only working when plugged to the 9 pinn socket (J13) of the motherboard of the vending with mode EXECUTIVE

Attached to this coin mecanism comes 2 MDB cables, one male MDB (I guess for direct plug of the coin mech to the motherboard ?), and one female MDB "Periphery"(I guess to plug a bill acceptor/card reader? when I plug the card reader to this one it start and don't display "Communication Impossible" but it get stuck to the message "Please choose a product" even if I choose a product nothing append)

I tried almost every possible combinations of cable/setting from vending machine/coin mecanism together without success 🤕 

Do you have any ideas to make this card reader work with my setup or troubleshoot ?


Thank you for your help !






unnamed (12).jpg

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What version firmware is currently on the VMC (Vending Mach Controller = board)

I have a number of Necta's that have fitted with Nayax or Cantaloupe.

The correct way of connecting it up is CC reader into VMC MDB, then payment systems.

Maybe you have VMC incorrectly programmed? If you want to PM me an email addy, can send you instructions I have.

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Based on your explanation, it sounds as if the mdb line from the board is faulty.  I'm also curious is you're powering the unit down when plugging/unplugging the coin, dbv and reader to the board.  If not, you will likely have damaged the VMC and/or the payment system(s).  

In order to run an MDB coin/dbv, you will have to use the mdb port and the board should be set to "mdb" in the programming. This sets the "language" that the VMC and payment systems communicate with.  If you're getting "Please select a product", is it saying that to allow you to preview a price or is there a credit being established by the reader?  

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MDB = Multi Brop Bus, it is the protocol that most payment devices use these days. You will need to ensure that you program the VMC for MDB.

When reprogramming a Necta, after you have finished & exited programming, you need to power off the VM & then back on for the new settings to take effect.

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I partially find a solution in the technical notice: in addition to set cash parameter from EXECUTIVE to MDB mode, there is 4 dip-switches to switch ON for MDB to work on the controller
the ingenico now communicate directly to the VM controller, but still stuck to the message "Please choose a product" maybe technician from ingenico can help me setup or resolve this

Capture d’écran 2023-09-16 141423.png

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