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Crane GPL Model 490 Education

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Need some assistance please. This is a long post, I'm sorry.

We've been at the business for about 6 months now and no issues till last week or two. So we are newbies and our manual for this machine didn't really provide any assistance which it probably shouldn't for this issue.

We have a Crane GPL 490 machine that didn't vend a customers soda today. We had an issue last week where the same soda didn't vend but the reader displayed, "make another selection" or something like that, but there were more than enough product. Ended up being a can got jammed. That was corrected and I tested that selection 3 times all successful vends.

We see the same product vended 6 times on Monday afternoon, all good vends so it seemed to be ok.

This machine has the eport card reader so we see the transactions the next day on the report but nothing about missed vends.

Question: the 490 is supposed to have the posivend system, so when a product doesn't vend would it show up on the transaction report as a missed vend or NO?
How can we identify the posivend on the machine and how do we know when that system isn't working? (when the card reader had the message" make another selection" is that the posivend
doing its job?)

Question: when a card is used - and no product is vend, how do you cancel the transaction? Does it happen automatically after a time limit? In the case of you don't make another selection.

At this point, unless the shop manager calls us to report an issue (like today) we have no clue what happens or we see a sale on the transaction report the next day.
He also would tell us on Saturdays when we visit the location, then made aware of issues Which happened last week. He tried to get a soda but one was jammed.

We see sales the next day, but don't know of issues when they happen.

Thanks for your input - we greatly appreciate you !

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Posivend failures are unlikely to be collected by a card reader VMS.  You might only see that a vend wasn't made or it failed.  Your job is to figure out why.  When no vend is completed by a card transaction then it is cancelled by the card reader and is not charged to the customer.  Now, if a vend is attempted and the column jams a can, if the motor turns off the home position it will probably complete the sale unless Posivend fails it first.

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thanks for the reply - now i have more questions - lol

"You might only see that a vend wasn't made or it failed. 
Where would i see this? On the Seedlive report ?

When this happened last week due to a can getting jammed - as soon as i selected that column
the card reader promptly said pick another selection. 
So this specifc incident it appears that maybe posivend failed it first, thus the message on the card reader?

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20 hours ago, AZVendor said:

You saw the "make other selection" because the can was already jammed.  It's the first mis-vend that should show up in some way in your VMS software.

We are not seeing anything on the seedlive report to indicate specifically a missed vend. Just what appears to be actual sales.

So looking at the report this morning, which are yesterdays transactions: we see 4 cash transactions
1 at 11:07am - for a snack (mini bites) muffins
3 around 12:30pm (which was myself testing the column) for Mt.Dew.

And we do not know if the customer used cash or a card

I received the initial message from the shop at 8:25am yesterday morning. Nothing there to indicate a missed vend or a problem.

Maybe im missing something. 

Sales report attached


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  • 1 month later...

Didnt want to create another topic, since my question probably fits here - LOL

On our GPL 490 SnackCombo -
is there a way to temporarily set a selection to "Free-vend" if thats the proper term.

we have one drink that isnt selling and im changing it to MtDew, but i need to empty that column first.
Was hoping to change the button to vend, no charge, empty the column by pressing the selection, fill it back up and then reset the price.

If not - will have to manually empty it.

I have the manual for it, but can not find what i think im looking for.


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3 minutes ago, AZVendor said:

Set that price to zero and vend it out or run continuous test vends of that selection.

cool - thank for the quick reply.

Will follow up this weekend with my efforts 

Thanks again

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