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Are Nayax 3G devices still working?


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Tried searching info about the Nayax, 3G only with AMIT, readers but didn't find anything other than discontinued because of not being 3G. That said- my cell phone still works when I set it to 3G. So do these still work for the time being?

I just picked up an older Royal Vendor drop which has one still mounted on and was told transferable. Basically paid a salvage price for the machine and was planning to update with a Nayax touch less, but do I need to invest that extra cash? Would I be getting rid of a usable card reader?

Also, I am pretty happy with my Nayax devices and the service, when I get it. Though, I figured I would get a quicker response here , rather than attempting to contact Nayax.

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I can't speak for nayaxbyt my understanding with USA tech was that the carriers were shutting down the 3g signal to everything except phones (until they do that too).  If that's true, your phone will still work on 3g but nayax 3g likely don't work at all.  If so, they are of zero value and no reason to transfer.  I know USA tech 3g and older stopped working for sure.  I have maybe 20 in my office lol.  All trash!  I forgot about them.

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Here in Australia the 3G Nayax devices (AMITs & VPOST) are still working & apparently will until Telcos shut off 3G.

1st one shutting down Dec 23 & the last June 24. (So we could swap the SIM to gain another 6 months) Nayax have stated that AMIts are no longer supported & have offered a trade in deal on new VPOST's.

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