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BevMAX MEDIA2 Custom Advertisements

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I'm trying to upload custom advertisements to the machine. So far, I've found you need to have a usb with a file labeled "atlas" for the machine to recognize it, and then a second file inside of that one labeled "adplayer". If you don't have these two things, the machine throws up screens that won't let you get any farther. After this, it was my assumption I could place video mp4 ads inside that second folder and then I would be able to upload them to the machine using the custom advertisements area of the maintenance screens. Everything appears to succeed right up past the point when it says things have uploaded/updated successfully. Unfortunately, my progress ends there. Despite uploading them to the machine, they don't appear in the menu for me to enable them. I have dug through dozens of manuals, and while many of them refer to the existence of the custom advertisements menu, and to the ability for owners to upload adverts using a USB, none of them go into the specifics. If anyone has experience in this area, I would deeply appreciate any suggestions. 

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4 hours ago, AZVendor said:

Why not ask Crane since it's their machine. There's likely something proprietary about it that locks you out.

The department I work for has reached out to them on the topic a handful of times and their techs give us the run around. 🙃

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59 minutes ago, lacanteen said:

The problem might be because you're trying to load an MP4 instead of an image. 

I had considered this to be possible, but the machine already appears to have videos loaded from the manufacturer into the advertising menus. I also spoke to a crane representative who came in do some training on an unrelated issue with the same machine. They said it should be possible for machine owners to upload their own video media using these menus. 

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