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Univendor II v511 Compressor on, but no power to the front.

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Let me start with, I am a newb. I bought this machine maybe a week ago for pretty cheap, and considering the price, no matter what I need to replace, it's virtually worth it. 

So as per the title, the compressor works and is on, but there is no power to the front of the machine, lights, display, nothing. Frankly, I could just be wrong on what I'm assuming is the power switch, so if you guys could lend me a quick hand and give me any semblance of where it's supposed to be that would be great because the manuals online are not friendly to the various different styles there are apparently. 

If the switch is the toggle switch below the can/bottle slide, it doesn't work. If this is the case, would it be as simple as replacing the switch?


You guys are the real OG's and no matter what you got, it's appreciated 

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Next to the power switch is, I believe, a fuse or fuses to check and replace with exact same fuses if blown.  Besides that your transformer may have failed which does happen on those machines, but you'll need a voltmeter to confirm that.  There may also be a fuse in the top right corner of the logic board box. This is all IF your logic board is even good.  Also make sure the logic board is insulated from touching metal by being installed onto unbroken board stand-offs.

Here is your manual:

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