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Vendo 511 - Need Help

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Recently I bought a Vendo 511 and placed it in location but I got a call from the owner saying it was stealing peoples money. I went in to see what the issue was and noticed for every single drink besides my 20 Oz water bottles was getting stuck after 2 vends. 

Here are the products I am trying to sell

20 Oz Water Bottle

20 Oz Vitamin Water

16.9 Oz Propel Water

20 Oz Powerade

16 Oz Liquid Death

16 Oz Monster

The Vitamin Water, Liquid Death, Powerade, & Propel all vend correctly twice but on the third vend when the rotar refills the drinks it doesn’t vend & will steal the users money, then it vends correctly the next two uses until the rotar refills & then the process starts again. 

The Monster Energy has an entirely different problem, when someone selects it instead of just vending one can, it vends 2-4. 

Has anyone experienced these issues selling these products from a Vendo 511? And if so any recommendations to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated. 


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You obviously have your products set up incorrectly.  The machine was designed for 12 oz cans or 20 oz soda bottles but you can still get some other products to work with proper set up.

Here is the manual:

Here are the set up guides that you'll need to experiment with to get your stuff to vend correctly:

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