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Is this a Vendo 540 or Vmax ?


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I feel like this is not something I should need help with, but I am trying to get a machine work with nayax and the same model ( but second machine) work with cantaloupe. 

I believe they are both Vendo VMAX. Next to model one has 540*****and the second is 720*****.


I look on cantaloupe compatibility and it lists as revision needed is 20.20  for  540 trade and 123-3014 for Vmax. 

Though nayax compatibility (parlevel) shows Vmax models as: 576,720,840 with no firmware/ revision info. And a 540 listed as Vec  5.4(Coke machines they are).  

So, I have 2 Vendo machines with 9.2vec control boards . I want to update them before putting on location with card readers . All the online info has me confused .( I missed the phone book sized manuals for Place and drives- at least they included all the info.)

If I haven't confused you- what should I do?


Also- nayax is timing out and still charging me. 


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9.2 is a coke machine.   If you're entire issue is making Nayax work on it, the boards likely just need to be updated by replacing the eprom chip. I call that entire line (with 9.# boards) V-Max.   

VEC 9.2   

Rev 2.039   

Vendo Eprom P/N 1125354





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That definitely clarifies- machines with the 9.# boards are V-max. That is what I was thinking but didn't want to assume. As soon as I assume something, with an older / unknown machine, I usually find out I was incorrect and have purchased the wrong part.. Thanks.

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