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Royal Vendors G3 battery replacement


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I just ordered a couple of these batteries from Mouser.

I have one board that loses its prices when the power is cycled.

The tech sheet for those batteries show them as being "popped" out and in. Is that how they are in the G3 boards: easily replaceable and not soldered in?

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I replaced mine last Month. It pops off. Putting the new one in requires a bit more delicate touch ...line it up properly or the pins will bend.

Hope that helps

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On 9/25/2023 at 11:01 AM, AZVendor said:

GII machines should be scrapped anyway.  They were all a garbage design of a multiprice 12oz machine with short front columns.  It was a joke.

Yeah. I have one of those still in a location. Much happier with my GIII's.

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